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Relationships, Dating, & Breakups

This week on the blog, Kristin Strauss shares her advice for relationships, dating, and breakups. In this must-see interview, we answer common questions for those entering the dating game such as what to look for, red-flags, knowing your value, and much more. Interview includes personal stories and fun memories! Watch the video below.

About Kristin
Kristin Strauss is a former volleyball player and current college student. She is in pursuit of a degree in psychology at GCU while holding a job position at a local infant day care center. Kristin and Lauren have been friends for over 8 years:) It all started at a volleyball tryout and they have been besties since. The two have had their share of relationships, making them the perfect duo to speak some advice into the lives of those who are traveling the same road.

Advice from Kristin + Lauren
Dating can be tough. I know that road for me has been a bit bumpy. My advice for girls entering the dating world is to know your worth and stay true to who you are. No matter who you may be going out with, the right one will respect you and love you, for you. Don’t let the influence of society shake the foundation you stand on. Hold tight to your core values that shape who you are, it makes you stand out from the rest. – Lauren

The best advice I could provide is not to settle. So many relationships today are centered around mistrust, cheating, and all the physical aspects of dating. Creating a toxic and unfulfilled relationship on both ends. These relationships often cause women to be taken advantage of and forget their true value. God will place the right person at the right time in your life, don’t rush it. -Kristin

Listen to more of what these best-friends have say in the video below.

Keep walking my friend 🙂


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