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While growing up, we face the endless possibilities of roads to travel. Many of them unknown and uncertain with what they would behold. Maybe, right now you don’t know where to go to school, don’t know what to major in, or don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. I know it may feel like a matter of life and death between decisions but God has a greater plan for your story. A story that wont always be written the way you had imagined but an amazing story nonetheless. This story below is proof.

Sheri Holmes took a scholarship from San Francisco State to pursue volleyball after High School. Not long after she faced the unexpected reality that she didn’t enjoy it as much as she had imagined. Sheri moved her life back home and went to USC, a task only 16% of applicants get to take on. At USC, Sheri pursued her dream of acting. Well aware that road was narrow and distant from her previous road of volleyball, she put herself in position to compete with thousands of aspiring actors in Hollywood.

As we grow older, reality takes more control of our fantasies. The acting dream became more of a fun hobby that would struggle to fulfill the lifestyle she saw for herself. Nevertheless, as one door closes another opens. Sheri used her connections to land her a position with cartoon network in the realm of marketing. Sparking the beginning of what would become an enormously successful career.

In this midst of these major life changes, Sheri was introduced to faith. A foreign idea to her before this time. But with the guidance of close peers, she gained a certain urge to know more about God. During this time of searching for greater purpose, Sheri found peace, direction, and strength for her changing roads. What would have seemed like a daunting task to conquer college and career alone, Sheri had a higher power leading her journey.

As a sister to four, her new profound presence of faith sparked interest and motivation for her family. She became an influence that has since shaped generations and values instilled in the Walsh family. As for me, Sheri has taught me to trust.

How did an ex-volleyballer, aspiring actor, USC graduate, and theater major become a bad a** in cooperate world, awesome mother, loyal wife, and powerhouse in all aspects. Not to mention, someone who is not afraid to stand for what she believes in, stands on a firm foundation of faith, and is generous to those who cross paths with her. My answer to that is TRUST and hard work. She walks with absolute trust in the Lord. Her road was not paved, clear, or scenic all the time. She dealt with trials, school changes, major changes, family hurdles, bumpy relationships, and more. But what she chose to not face was a life without Jesus or the uncertainty that God didn’t have a plan for her. She said, “Your faith can’t be dependent on circumstance,” a lesson I needed to hear myself.

Whatever road she finds herself on, she works hard at and leans on faith, to not only get through but make a statement while she walks.

She is superwoman

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She Means Business Part II

She Means Business Part II

Not only has Kellie been successful in her career, she has managed to purchase her first home at the age of 25. In part II of “She Means Business,” Kellie offers advice to those on the road of home-buying. This process can seem daunting at such a young age, but with experts help and stable income, you may be able to accomplish your dreams of being a homebuyer too.

To those on the road of saving towards your first home, Forbes provides a checklist of steps to take before making this big purchase.

  1. Assess Your Debt – Lenders want to know that you’ll be able to handle the debt you already have, in addition to your new mortgage payment. An important metric is your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio.
  2. Check Your Credit – The better your credit score, the lower the interest rate you’ll get on your mortgage. Checking your credit well in advance of beginning your home search will give you time to correct any errors and improve your score ahead of time.
  3.  Review Your Budget- It’s important to remember that your budget will change when you buy a home and you’ll have new costs beyond just the mortgage payment.

  4.  Determine Your Down Payment– How much you’ll put down on your home depends on the type of mortgage you receive. However, the typical mortgage down payment ranges from 3.5% to 20%.

  5. Figure Out theType of Home You Want– When you know your buying power, you can review all the home options available in your area by first understanding the types of homes that are out there.
  6.  Research Where You Want to Live– Once you’re pre-approved and have an idea of the type of home you’d prefer, it’s time to research your favorite neighborhoods. Consider these neighborhood features when you’re shopping for a home:
    • Schools: Top-rated schools typically have an impact on home prices.
    • Property taxes: Different neighborhoods can have vastly different property taxes. Your real estate professional will have this important information

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She Means Business

She Means Business

Kellie Walsh speaks of the road that led her to a successful career at the age of 25. Through internships, networking, and hard work, Kellie defied the odds to accomplish her goals as a business woman.

Kellie had a hard driven mind from a very young age. Possibly stemming from her time as soccer player, she has that natural instinct to be the best at her craft. After finishing high school, Kellie went on to further her education at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. While there, Kellie became a member of PiPhi sorority and graduated with a degree in Business/Cooperate communications.

Her time at Arizona State flew by but her journey had just begun. Kellie found a balance between working towards her future and enjoying the college life in Arizona. The turning point for her path was near her senior year as she anxiously awaited what would be next. Kellie did self-research, personal vetting, networking, and interviewing to put her name out there in the cooperate world. And she was a hit.

Soon after graduation, Kellie took a full-time position with Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2020, Oracle was the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. Kellie packed her bags and headed to Austin for this new road she was embarking on.

While at Oracle, Kellie began as a business development representative, a position she held for one year and was then promoted to Account Executive. Kellie is motivated and driven, this is not where the road ends for her. She continues to make strides, climbing the latter of cooperate America as a female, twenty-five-year-old. A task very few have taken on.
Kellie’s story embodies the power in hard work and that truly, all things are possible. For the college student stressed about finding that job, internship, or post-college plan. Take a deep breath and be patient. Refrain from wondering too far off the path during your college years. Work hard and build your resume, the right spot will come at the right time. And until then, keep walking on the road you’re on with purpose, confidence, and love!

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