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She Means Business

She Means Business

Kellie Walsh speaks of the road that led her to a successful career at the age of 25. Through internships, networking, and hard work, Kellie defied the odds to accomplish her goals as a business woman.

Kellie had a hard driven mind from a very young age. Possibly stemming from her time as soccer player, she has that natural instinct to be the best at her craft. After finishing high school, Kellie went on to further her education at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. While there, Kellie became a member of PiPhi sorority and graduated with a degree in Business/Cooperate communications.

Her time at Arizona State flew by but her journey had just begun. Kellie found a balance between working towards her future and enjoying the college life in Arizona. The turning point for her path was near her senior year as she anxiously awaited what would be next. Kellie did self-research, personal vetting, networking, and interviewing to put her name out there in the cooperate world. And she was a hit.

Soon after graduation, Kellie took a full-time position with Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2020, Oracle was the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. Kellie packed her bags and headed to Austin for this new road she was embarking on.

While at Oracle, Kellie began as a business development representative, a position she held for one year and was then promoted to Account Executive. Kellie is motivated and driven, this is not where the road ends for her. She continues to make strides, climbing the latter of cooperate America as a female, twenty-five-year-old. A task very few have taken on.
Kellie’s story embodies the power in hard work and that truly, all things are possible. For the college student stressed about finding that job, internship, or post-college plan. Take a deep breath and be patient. Refrain from wondering too far off the path during your college years. Work hard and build your resume, the right spot will come at the right time. And until then, keep walking on the road you’re on with purpose, confidence, and love!

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Convo’s & Cracker Barrel

Convo’s & Cracker Barrel

Final road trip of the season. A bitter sweet experience, time, and journey. The road Belmont volleyball was on in literal terms consisted of highway US-41 and I-69. But what the road really meant, was one last trip together as a team before we go our separate ways. Gone home for the holidays and some, gone for good.

What is it like on the road? Long days and some sleepless nights. Early practices and take-out. Bus dances, Starbucks runs, and karaoke. Road trips are where we talk as more than simply players but as best friends. Laughing, singing, sharing stories, and finding any way possible to get in a comfortable position on the bus. All while, holding back the nerves that come with knowing that game day is just a few hours away.

On this trip, I was injured but I knew I couldn’t miss it. This was the last rodeo, last long drive, and last of delirious laughs with my team. When you’re an underclassman on these trips, it’s easy to look forward to the next thing. Always impatient with where your feet are, constantly flipping to the next, like sticky notes that never run out. But sometimes, if you’re anything like me, all it takes is conversations at Cracker Barrel to remind you of just how lucky you are to be surrounded by built-in best friends.

That’s the special part about being on a sports team. The 17 of us did not choose each other yet, somehow our worlds collided at perfect time. Divine timing. We never would have thought that a California, Ohio, Oregon, and Kentucky girl would one day be sitting around a Cracker Barrel table in Evansville, Indiana. What are the odds? Slim to none.

The four of us told stories and learned more about the people we are behind the jersey. With limited ideas left for this blog, it occurred to me that the greatest story was right in front of me. We are of 1% of women that get to compete in Division 1 sports. The four of us are from different parts of the country but managed to make it to one University among thousands. We are different yet, alike. Living and learning together on a road very few before us have traveled.

I recall being on this bus as a freshman wondering how I’d ever get through it. Now I’m through it and would do it all over again. Time goes by fast. What I hope for is more convos at Cracker Barrel. For the girls that come after me to see the beauty in eating around a table with your team in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night. Sure, there will be times when you’ll wish your evening looked like those partying back home. But don’t let this time pass you by, very few get these moments, as unconventional as they are, you’re going to remember them forever. Screaming on the bus at the top of our lungs, “dixie land delight” or karaoke with the bus mic. Making bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, driving through endless miles of corn fields, and reckless bus drivers. Even if it meant cruching through the snow post-surgery, these memories are worth it.

I do not think it will hit me that this was my last trip with the team. Sweet silence, squeaky windows, and bright lights from outside all disguise this reality. The Belmont volleyball team sleeps, someone reeks, and all is right in the world:)

If your road looks daunting, long, and tedious and you wonder if you’ll ever make it to the end. You will and the time will go fast. Take a moment to appreciate the friends you make along the road you’re on. And if it helps, have a convo at Cracker Barrel.


Cracker Barrel



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Texas to Tuscany Part II

Texas to Tuscany Part II

Halee VanPoppel and Lauren Walsh reminisce of their time together on the volleyball court. The two touch on some of their hardest seasons and how they navigated these challenges together.

Playing a college sport is hard. Often times, the perception of college athletics is glamorized by public perception. With the lack of candidness as to what being a student athlete really looks like, many miss just how much work goes into the job. It takes a lot of practice, perseverance, time, and energy. In that process, the road can get bumpy. In many ways this season of Halee and Lauren’s life tested their faith, character, and strength. And with these lessons learned, the two have gotten way more out of the sport than simply the sport alone.

For Halee, volleyball has given her the opportunity to play another season in Rome, Italy and see the world! For Lauren, the sport gave her the opportunity to travel 2,000+ miles from home and experience a whole new life in the south. Mutually, the two are thankful that the sport gave them each other:)

Listen to their stories and advice during the road of college sports now.


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Texas to Tuscany

How a small town girl packed up her life and embarked on a new journey in Europe

Halee Van Poppel is a well known talent in the south. She has made a name for herself as a successful figure in women’s volleyball and continues to do so overseas. During her junior year at Belmont, Halee played in all 31 matches, seeing action in 106 sets and earning 10 starts … Finished season nationally ranked 88th in total attacks, 128th in attacks per set and 142nd in total kills. After 4 seasons with Belmont University, Halee furthered her career at Dallas Baptist University where she was named, AVCA DII All- American Honorable Mention, All-conference Newcomer of the Year, and All- Conference First Team. Halee is now apart of the Roma7 Volleyball team in Rome, Italy.

Halee has experienced a lot in her career and can speak to challenges one might face in college sports, leaving home, and finding the love of the game again.

Halee now finds herself on the roads of Rome finding new purpose, faith, and identity in this season of life. Listen to this and more in the conversation linked below.

As a close friend, I am so proud of Halee’s accomplishments and all that she has done with her talent. She has been such a role model to me in my career and has greatly influenced the person I am today.

Watch part one of our conversation now.





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