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That’s a Wrap

That’s a Wrap

It was a blast getting to share these past few weeks with y’all! I hope that this blog gave you a little bit of direction for the road you’re on. Let’s recap this awesome journey.

Sister, Sister

Reagan Walsh joined us on the blog to give an inside look at life as a division 1 college athlete. She spoke wisdom to those transitioning out of High School and searching for the right college to further their education. Reagan’s career has just begun but her success has made a statement. She is a force to be reckoned with as the 2023 softball season approaches. Read Now

Feelin’ Twenty-Two

Lauren Walsh shares her personal story and advice from the roads she has found herself on during her twenty-two years on earth. Through mistakes, breakups, and hardships, Lauren speaks to those needing a bit of direction in their early twenties. “Be kind, invest in valuable relationships, trust in God’s plan, and don’t let time pass you by holding onto grudges.” Read Now

Relationships, Dating, and Breakups

Kristin Strauss joined the blog for this very fun episode of Road I’m On. Kristin shared advice for those entering the dating world, what to look for, red-flags, and her funniest first-date stories. This blog involved a bunch of laughter and memories of the past with lessons learned for the future. Read Now 

Vet On Southwest

Lauren Walsh shared a story of a veteran she met on a Southwest Airlines flight. The veteran named Rich, spoke so much wisdom from his time in the Vietnam war. His story was too good not to be told. This blog was a personal favorite! Read Now 

This Wasn’t in The Play Call

An emotional and personal reflection of a devastating injury faced by Lauren Walsh during a volleyball game. The game that would ultimately be the last of her career. This blog post is real, truthful, and inspirational to those who may be struggling with the road they are on. Read Now

The Road Not Taken

An interpretation of Robert Frost’s world-renowned poem. How embarking on the road less traveled may make all the difference in your life. A change in direction is an opportunity to make your story stand out from the rest. Read Now

Texas to Tuscany

Halee VanPoppel joined the blog to share her story and spark motivation for those wanting to embark on a new adventure. Halee is a former college volleyball player and is currently playing professionally overseas in Rome! She shared what encouraged her to move from Texas to Tuscany. Read Now 

Convo’s and Cracker Barrel

Get an inside look at life on the road with the Belmont Volleyball team. Documented was the last trip of the season, traveling to Indiana. Learn about what goes on before game day and how simple conversations at Cracker Barrel brings the team together. Read Now

She Means Business

Kellie Walsh joins the blog to share how she became successful in her career at such a young age. She speaks valuable advice to those seeking internships and are facing uncertainty with what to do after college. With hard work and perseverance, Kellie climbed the cooperate latter, enabling her to purchase her first home. Read Now

Seeing The Good This Thanksgiving

In honor of Thanksgiving, this blog post was a reflection of the past year and a new perspective for life. Turning a tragic ending into part of one’s story and not the whole story. Even in the midst of trials, there is so much to be grateful for this holiday season. Read Now

Super Woman

To close out this blog, our very special guest Sheri Holmes joined us to share her unique story. How a mother to four, wife, and full-time business woman does it all. How her faith shaped her unprecedented journey through several roads of life and her impact on the roads of others along the way. Read Now

“My hope for you was that along this campaign, you were able to receive advice for the road you’re on. And if not, at least some laughter, relatability, and joy during these guests appearances. Life is gonna have some bumpy moments but regardless of road you find yourself on, TRUST the man with the compass. Keep walking.”

– Your friend, Lauren 🙂